An & Hadewin II

An & Hadewin, I can’t begin to describe how much fun we had photographing their engagement pictures.

Hadewin loves architectural building like this and this so we did the last part of the shoot in the newly built trainstation of Liège, Guillemins. They drove half of the country to get there, luckily we live in a very small kingdom :)

We where home way past our bedtime …

4725109194 8b73cdf659 b An & Hadewin II

4725108040 78f965d4c1 b An & Hadewin II

4725108130 d61df52062 b An & Hadewin II

4725108280 318d42a476 b An & Hadewin II

4724457089 6dbef7c655 b An & Hadewin II

4724457201 2814354698 b An & Hadewin II

4724457283 d1c9e8c756 b An & Hadewin II

4725109478 1ca24280a7 b An & Hadewin II

Please don’t ask where An is…

4725109338 f232fe37a6 b An & Hadewin II

4725108998 8e82ba87cb b An & Hadewin II

4724457449 74631e74d3 b An & Hadewin II

4724457625 a57bcb4296 b An & Hadewin II

4724457813 16be3615d8 b An & Hadewin II

I’m incredibly excited to shoot their wedding this August.

P.S. : Their amazing little website, ,in Dutch only, but love the e-shop thing :)

Siège-Guillemins railway station

  • Dirk B. - heerlijke foto’s Wes!

  • Michel - Stijlvolle foto’s ! De website van An & Hadewin is inderdaad geweldig :)

  • Jamie - Beautiful Wesley… just beautiful!

  • wwwald - Knappe foto’s! Ik zie dat ge het station van Luik ook mooi hebt opgekuist hier en daar :-)

  • Wesley Nulens - De glazenwassers? Ik had nog gezegd: ” ruim dezen avond uwe rommel op” ;)

  • John-art - Bellissimo!

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