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Lieselot & Kristof

Photographer Lieselot Dorme and band member/DJ Kristof are having a baby, can’t wait to meet this little creative wonder…

10342353335 42c9f68b23 o Lieselot & Kristof10342373306 5a81bb483c o Lieselot & Kristof10342353085 006056ff62 o Lieselot & Kristof10342358054 76f8da2dc9 o Lieselot & Kristof10342373026 982f727992 o Lieselot & Kristof10342547403 abf4a92fe6 o Lieselot & Kristof10342352445 eef76b0fee o Lieselot & Kristof10342372396 db7c71a2d2 o Lieselot & Kristof10342546693 bca00de4ea o Lieselot & Kristof10342351655 f37c228bd7 o Lieselot & Kristof

Tech note : Shot on Kodak film. Portra 160, 400 and Tri-x. Shot on the Contax 645. Developed & scanned by the people at Carmencita Film Lab.

  • Sue - WAUW! genieten dit.

  • Ron - Amazing set of images, beautiful colors!

  • Hamish Jordan - Second shot down is my favourite, great two tone backdrop!

Sem & Asi | Portrait

8222362718 2a338652ef o Sem & Asi  |  Portrait
8221286791 3de93e6e5f o Sem & Asi  |  Portrait

  • Jordy - 2 is amazing

  • Michael Stanton - Brilliant!

  • Hanneke - TE mooi!!

  • Sonia Jansson - Oh! My God that last one!

  • cinzia - belle!

  • Henry - Love, love these!

  • Kim - 3th frame, killer.

  • Jose Chiyah - Me encantan, muy frescas, felicidades y el retrato de ella es espectacular!!

  • Stavros - Amazing! I love the last one, so beautiful!

  • Hamish Jordan - Love the last shot, you have caught a lot of character.

Lucia & Albert | Film is not dead

At the end of summer I had the opportunity to attend a Film is Not Dead workshop hosted by the amazing Jonathan Canlas. We went to Ibiza, not to party but to do what we love most, shooting film. I’m not a big writer, so I’m not going to post a page long review of it, but please take my word on it, its a life changing experience for those who are looking for their voice.

For now some images of Spanish Albert en Italian Lucia. A tasty Mediterranean mix…

8153386679 530424ff5b o Lucia & Albert | Film is not dead
8153386605 8e1ab5b037 o Lucia & Albert | Film is not dead
8153386507 5bc4670e41 o Lucia & Albert | Film is not dead
8153386405 2dc17eb230 o Lucia & Albert | Film is not dead
8153386257 d29c8044d2 o Lucia & Albert | Film is not dead

In 2013 FIND is coming back to Europe! Jonathan is hosting a workshop in Munich (Germany) and Norfolk (UK), more details over here :

And I just want to take a moment to say thank you to all the models who came out, and to express how honored and lucky I am to have spent those 4 days with Jonathan, his crew and all the amazing photographers who attended FIND Ibiza : Jonathan Canlas, Henry Harder, Stavros Kirimlidis, Carolina Sainz, Steve Gerrard, Arno Paul, Claire Morgan, Darryl Felton, Bunn Salarzon, Audrey Neracoulis, Chanelle Segerius Bruce, Gerald Daclin, Jorrit Lousberg, Rebecca Lindon, Gert Huygaerts, Kim Hawkins, Catherine Abegg & Albert Roig

  • Miss C - So good my friend, so good! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  • Lieselot - Geweldig Wes! Chapeau man!

  • Wesley Nulens - Comment by ‘Miss C’ Love it :) <3

  • Sonia Jansson - This is so good! Every frame!

  • Jarg Woldhuis - Ziet er vet uit. Ik ben nog zeker niet om om op film over te stappen, maar wie weet wat de toekomst brengt.

    De foto’s ademen een hele fijne sfeer uit zeg! Heel cool!

  • Graciella - Beautiful photo’s of a cute couple!

Melissa & Jan | Engagement

My friend, very talented wedding photographer Melissa Milis and her guy Jan, are getting maried!
Without a doubt, this is going to be the best party of 2013…

8008530258 d574faed7e o Melissa & Jan | Engagement
8008523883 2316a2a8ec o Melissa & Jan | Engagement
8008523953 65c8db0135 o Melissa & Jan | Engagement
8008530632 0445616aae o Melissa & Jan | Engagement
8008530714 667c194278 o Melissa & Jan | Engagement
8008524239 6362f5abca o Melissa & Jan | Engagement
8008530848 c03c85443f o Melissa & Jan | Engagement
8008530960 0a0369b1d8 o Melissa & Jan | Engagement
8008524483 8df8718a8a o Melissa & Jan | Engagement
8008531164 6830470236 o Melissa & Jan | Engagement
8008531260 a5d9659615 o Melissa & Jan | Engagement
8008524847 33a1717c4d o Melissa & Jan | Engagement
8008531348 b935ddfde3 o Melissa & Jan | Engagement
8008531680 f9169028a3 o Melissa & Jan | Engagement
8008531822 ecb9ff77ab o Melissa & Jan | Engagement
8008523689 b8ee6644b9 o Melissa & Jan | Engagement

Tech note : 100% film portra 160/400 on the Contax 645. Developed & scanned by the FIND lab which is now open to every film shooter!!

  • Els - Heel mooie foto’s! En prachtige locatie ook! (care to share? ^^)

  • Jordy - Nice! Mooie eenvoudige locaties. Vet gedaan:)

    Ps. Hi fives voor M&J, mooi stel!

  • Wouter - Wow. Zo’n mooi sfeertje!

  • Jarg Woldhuis - Mooi licht en belicht!

  • Hanneke - Mooi! De omgeving doet me trouwens echt niet denken aan Nederland/Belgie!

  • Ramon Snellink - Mooie sessie en mooi stel! Good job!

  • David Robertson - Mate! You Ace’d it!! Brilliant!

  • Danique | 88Forever - Wauw, supermooi! Wat een gave locatie ook.

  • Carina - Mooie locatie! Mooie reportage! Well done! Favoriet is de voorlaatste.

  • Hilde Eyckmans - bekend gezicht ;-) supercoole locatie, erg leuke sessie Wes

  • Jonathan Debeer - Mooi werk Wesley. Niet gemakkelijk lijkt het mij om te werken voor een collega ;-). Ik weet dat ik in ieder geval a pain in the ass zal zijn, helaas. En Melissa, race you to the 29th of June :)!

  • Greg - Amazing session! Great work!

  • Brigitta - Omg omg omg!!! Perfection!!!!!! Die ringen in ‘t water!

  • Fréderic - LIKE!

  • Lindsey - This is so amazing!

  • Susan - Amazing! Wauw! Echt te gaaf gedaan. Prachtig koppel, top locatie!

Sandy & Huub | engagement

Sandy and Huub came all the way from Tilburg for their engagement pictures.
We shot at 3 different locations, these are from the last part of the session…

7537196050 7f631744f0 o Sandy & Huub | engagement
7537196362 10ab49d9de o Sandy & Huub | engagement
7537196672 8b89c8b2df o Sandy & Huub | engagement
7537196958 f46de162e9 o Sandy & Huub | engagement
7537197786 7f7f5070a4 o Sandy & Huub | engagement
7537195760 b237b68f8d o Sandy & Huub | engagement

Tech note : 100% film, shot on portra 400 & 800 with the Contax 645. Developed & scanned by RPL.

  • Hilde Eyckmans - dreamteam! koppel, locatie, film (kleuren en tinten), licht en jouw visie…

  • Alex - Wow, is dit echt film?
    Ziet er erg goed uit, toffe reeks!

  • Jarg Woldhuis - Wow, wat goed van je dat je het analoog hebt gedaan. Goede shoot!


  • Hanneke - Prachtig!!

  • Sjoerd Booij - Dude… Nice!
    Film rocked gewoon de pan uit en i.c.m. jouw visie zeker :) Complimenten kerel!

Hermine & Ramon | engagement

More Mon & Mine love…

7039622579 1588c1c90e o Hermine & Ramon | engagement
6893526398 356daa77a1 o Hermine & Ramon | engagement
7039623187 8cef032b42 o Hermine & Ramon | engagement
6893527106 8e9a81a8af o Hermine & Ramon | engagement
7039623903 873156d7c8 o Hermine & Ramon | engagement
6893527864 5dbc3f548d o Hermine & Ramon | engagement
6893528056 d5a39785cc o Hermine & Ramon | engagement
7039622727 26ac977a8a o Hermine & Ramon | engagement
7039624725 48c98d30a9 o Hermine & Ramon | engagement
6893526624 dc692f1d73 o Hermine & Ramon | engagement
6893528148 ba9522fa2d o Hermine & Ramon | engagement
7039623375 32547ba034 o Hermine & Ramon | engagement

Their blog :

Tech : Shot Digital and processed with Lightroom 4 and VSCO FILM only.

  • Femke - Zo mooi & dreamy! Very well done, Wes! :)

  • Jordy - Triple Hi 5! Great job Wes:)

  • Christophe - Yeah Wes!!!

  • Silke - Net een sprookje, zo mooi!

  • Carina - Very nice!

  • Moniek - Really love these photos of this sweet couple!

  • SARA - Ohhh Wesley Nulens, jouw werk is prachtig. Blijf er maar naar kijken…..

  • Sina Mirisola - Zeer mooi Wesje

  • liesbeth dubelaar visagie - Top zeg…mooi stelletje hoor…! Lekker genieten!!

  • fer juaristi - beautiful session my friend, cheers from MX

  • David Jenkins - So clean. Really dig your style Wesley.

  • Hilde Eyckmans - Good job Wesley!

  • norbert maes - Jullie ontmoeten was inspiratievol. Geniet straks van jullie bijzondere dag maar nog veel meer van jullie samenzijn.
    Norbert MAes

Mon et Mine | preview

Our dear friends and amazing photographers Ramon & Hermine planned a little trip to the Dutch coast and they asked me if I could come over to shoot their portraits.
I never could have guessed that Ramon was going to pop the big question only 3 days before the shoot, she said yes…

So the portrait shoot became an engagement session.

6872701608 210200399c o Mon et Mine | preview

  • Carolina Sainz - Seems the whole post is going to be an experience! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Naomi - We all need a picture like this on our wall. Love your work!

  • Jordy - Tease louise! Meer graag:)

  • Hilde Eyckmans - wat bijzonder dat jij deze bijzondere shoot mocht vastleggen! volg hun werk ook al een tijdje en zijn erg goed in wat ze doen

  • Cathrine - Beautiful!