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30 {personal}

Some portraits from a while ago, all shot on film…

5444765958 8cb3534aa9 o 30 {personal}

5444164379 590a2280e2 o 30 {personal}

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  • nikoleta kyprianidis - hello,
    i liked your pictures over all, but these ones with the lady holding the balloons i do like very much. there s something about her look and the intimacy you captured and translated that moves me. as if i wanted to say i love her. you know? very nice. good feeling, i love it when good feelings are transported to me, coming from outside, but actually coming from my deepest up to the conscious. thank you for showing these pictures and have a nice sunday :o)


Sara { personal }

While I do obviously love to shoot for my clients one of my 2010 goals is to shoot more personal stuff.
For the memories, for the fun and to become a better photographer.
These where shot last winter, on a magical sheet of plastic, called film.

4778971671 63ca72ab75 o Sara          { personal }

4779604680 6796bbf728 b Sara          { personal }

and finally a quote from Barry :  “She’s my first, my last, my everything ”

Feel free to comment or share your thoughts!

  • Jef Janssens - Film geeft toch nog dat tikkeltje extra! Mooie sfeerbeelden!

  • gert - good job Wes!

  • Brit - I really like the ‘natural feel’ of these images.

  • Saskia - Ah mooi! Zowel de foto’s als de quote die alles nog sprekender maakt!