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Traveling Light Film 2017

At least 2-3 times a week I tell this amazing story about how I met this guy in Ibiza late 2012. How he started a photo lab together with his friend and how on earth it’s possible that they employ over 30 people at this moment. Film was dead, remember? But at the beginning of 2017 he surprised me again. “Hey Wes, I was thinking about organizing this event, Traveling Light Film… What do you think, wanne help me out?”  Enthusiastic as always I instantly agreed without thinking too much about the consequences. A couple of sleepless months later I stood on this stage to talk to this amazing crowd. Probably the most inspiring  4 days in my photography career, cannot thank everybody enough for the good talks, the encouraging words and the amazing feedback.

And Albert, thank you for encouraging me to explore more and for believing in the gibberish I have to tell.

Torroella de Montgrí is going to explode early November 2018 so keep an eye on Traveling Light Film website for dates and tickets :

90% of the time we sat in this amazing theater listening to inspiring speakers, at dinner tables talking to the rest of our amazing family, or at this really cool place called ‘La Sala’, drinking cerveza’s or fantastic Spanish wines…  So only a couple of frames from the days leading to the event.

Incredibly proud of the guy at the right, my friend Albert Roig, for pulling off that one event where we all were dreaming of… Done, done, on to the next one!


*The 2 frames where I’m in are shot by Konstantyn Zakhari
**Wetplate by  Martí Andiñach Fotografia <3

Beachlife {Personal}

  • Kate - Happiness in the water is what this photo is all about. I truly appreciate how beautiful the result is. From the sharpness effect of the sand, the brightness of the water and most especially the random expression and bliss of the people in this photo. Everyone is purely happy and absolutely enjoying the beach and I love how you perfectly captured it. The colorful umbrellas also added a lively effect and excitement. This is indeed a stunning and excellent shot. So candid and so simple yet very meaningful.

Corera Image – The Rural Workshop – Spain

Exactly one month ago I left beautiful Spain inspired and refueled by the most amazing experience ever. I had the privilege to talk to and work with an amazing GROUP of people at Corera Image, the rural workshop. Don’t ask me to explain exactly what this was all about, It’s a 2 day gathering, streamlined but still organic, with amazing speakers from all over the world. But first and foremost Corera was made by the 50 attendees who signed up for this. Open minded, willing to learn and even more important, willing to share…

Roberto, thanks for the invitation. Coreranos, you were freaking awesome!

Viva Corera!
Abrazo colectivo!

anneleen_en_Frederik051anneleen_en_Frederik050Corera Image 2014Corera Image- Rural workshopCorera Image- Rural workshopCorera Image- Rural workshop042Corera Image- Rural workshopCorera Image- Rural workshopCorera Image- Rural workshopCorera Image- Rural workshop 041Corera Image- Rural workshopLast frame © André Teixeira

All film, developed and scanned by my wonderful friends at Carmencita film lab.


Wanne now what this was all about, talented Monika Frias made a video <3

  • Manu - Thanks Wesley, you’re great!

  • Monika M - Such a great place, and so wonderful to meet you Wes and everyone in Corera!!! Abrasooooo

  • Igor Demba - So good Wes! Miss you man.

  • Monika - You were great Wes! Thank you for sharing your amazing way of doing your job. Corera Rocks! Hope to see you and all coreranos some day soon!! Come back!

  • Cristina Ruiz - Yeaaaah!! Nice post!! Thanks to you Wes!! You’re a corerano now ;)

  • André - Perfect images: It was great to meet you:) Cheers!!

  • Nerea Vizcay - Wes, it was great to get to know about you and how you work. I love it. Thank you for sharing with us!

Belgian Wedding Photographers Award

Until now it never hit the blog but earlier this year I won 1st place at the Belgian Wedding Photographers award. Being a wedding photographer is the best job in the world, thanks to my couples, their wonderful families and, last but not least, my amazing colleagues all over the world reaching out and keeping in touch. Thanks again to my Belgian colleagues for voting. <3
Picture from Fleur & Karel-Henk’s destination wedding in Norway.

  • Hilde Eyckmans - en terecht begot!

  • Jonathan - Jep, compleet verdiend :)

  • Diana - Congratulations! Well deserved :)