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Sjoerd | Collodion

I made these shots using the collodion process at Alex Timmermans’ studio. Totally in awe and amazed by this technique that was invented in 1850.

The guy in the picture is amazing photographer Sjoerd Booij

  • Hanneke - Wow vette shots!

  • Femke - Echt prachtig deze beelden, Wes!

  • Mathijs - Heel vet!

  • Cinzia - amazing!

  • Ozzy - crazy good!

  • José Chiyah - Amazona pics, i love the treatment!! Congratulations

  • Sjoerd Booij - Wow… is that me!? :)

  • Wes - Baas!

  • PIETER - Sparta!!

Pieter | Portrait

Something different but I love the result, I need to do this ‘personal work’ thing more often…

Tech note : 100% film, portra 400 on the Contax 645. HEAVY overcast day but some unicorn dust from Jonathan Canlas’ FIND lab did wonders, thnx guys!

  • Hilde Eyckmans - nice…ook de foto’s ;-)

  • kim vdw - Nice pics (as usual). Been a while. Effectively, I think you have to do this personal work more often, & you need to hang some of it in the living room!

    Art is life, when you are an artist!

    Sincerely greetings.

  • Graciella - So beautiful, again!

  • Sara - Hottie!!

One hour in Bologna

One hungry hour in Bologna…

All images developed with the new and wonderful VSCO film software !!

  • Jordy - Goos vibes. Must admit, I really dig the colors!

  • Bröllopsfotograf fredric - Nice! What presets did you apply?

  • Sina Mirisola - Fantastisch!!!t

  • Wesley Nulens - Hi Fre, most of the time I use the Fuji160C presets.
    But I already tweaked some presets and made my one set based on the VSCO profiles.

    I truly think that VSCO nailed it with their profile based editing, taking the digital out of digital.

  • Gert - Amazing!

  • Hilde Eyckmans - wow supermooi resultaat met die presets! misschien toch weer een argument om raw te gaan fotograferen? voorlopig de benefit nog niet van gevonden, maar de ideale preset op zijn beurt ook nog niet :-§

  • Peggy Timmermans Visagie - Ik krijg spontaan zin om iets te eten!

  • dries - LOVE the colors! Gonna buy into this! :)

  • Hilde Eyckmans - ondertussen zelf aan de slag met deze presets en erg enthousiast so far – bedankt voor de tip!

  • Nadruki - Really nice. I like it!