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Els & Kim {wedding}

The most amazing part of this thing that I’m doing are the people that I meet…

Dress : Custom made
Venue: Hof ten steen
Catering : Bart Claes
Jazz band : Vindaloo Five
City: Lummen/Zelk

  • Jordy was here - So many good ones, amazing. Superb work Wesley.

  • Sophia - Love this post, great work!

  • Jarg Woldhuis - Wow, wat een mooie serie. Vooral de eerste paar zijn erg goed!

  • Kristen - Amazing photography, you sure know how to tell a story.

  • kim - Mooie compilatie Wesley…

    Mooie herinneringen, aan een mooie dag.. echt knap werk!

  • David Robertson - So awesome!! Mate you’ve got such a sweet eye!!

  • Els - Heel mooie beelden! Nr 6 (met het hek) vind ik super!

  • ozzy - Dude, your killing it!

  • nirav - And you’re awesome :).

  • Roberto&Maria - Awesome¡¡¡ we love your work.

  • Quim - Awesome!!!! Really great.

  • Alex - :-)

  • Sammy G. - Wesley, fantastic job! One of a kind!

Vicky & Mattias {wedding}

The minute Vicky and Mattias walked into my studio I knew this was going to be a very special wedding.
Her dress, his suit, the ceremony , their party… All of them so very unique.

Dress : Keurslijf
Venue: Hungaria
City: Leuven

  • Nicolas Mersie - Prachtig werk en toch altijd weer even uniek.
    Dat moet een fantastisch gevoel zijn voor het koppel.

  • els vanopstal - Heel mooie reeks! Vooral het silhouet van het aankleden en de ‘knuffelfoto’ op het dak blijven in mijn geheugen hangen. Knap werk.

  • Dave - The last one, classic!

  • Lachlan Burrell - splendid stuff Wesley! true documentary photography. you’ve captured it!!

  • fer juaristi - crazy powerful frames.

  • Hilde Eyckmans - amai tonnen eigenheid en persoonlijkheid en dat vastgelegd met jouw kijk op de dingen, mijn idee van a special day :-)

  • Diana - Beautiful work! So fresh and spontaneous. And yet so artful.

  • Quim - No words…

La Hulpe Wedding photographer // Samuel and Michelle

A couple of months ago Samuel and Michelle asked me to be their wedding photographer. They and their families came all the way from England to get married in the beautiful Château de la Hulpe. My day started with Sam and Phil, his best man, at the ‘Dolce La Hulpe’ hotel.


  • Carolina Sainz - Beautiful work Wes!!! I’m definitely a fan of yours!

  • Jordy - Nice work bro!

Brigie {Trash the dress}

Fuji Pro400H. Developed, scanned and printed by the amazing team at Richard Photo Lab

  • Stephanie Grosset - Very beautiful, we really love your work!
    PS: You’ve got mail ;)

  • Hilde Eyckmans - de kwaliteit van analoge film blijft ongeëvenaard…mooi hoor

  • Hilde Eyckmans - heb jij je film laten ontwikkelen door DE Richard Photo Lab???!! wist niet dat kon!? please tell me more! :-)

  • Bert - Wow, these are absolutely beautiful!

  • Wesley Nulens - Tuurlijk kan dat :) RPL is echt fantastisch. gewoon je filmpjes opsturen en een week later heb je al je scans.

  • David Robertson - That first shot is absolutely jawdropping.. great stuff mate

An & Hadewin {wedding}

An and Hadewin, love this couple! Some of you will remember them from their epic E-session earlier this year.
I was so looking forward to be a part of their wedding day. As we arrived, early in the morning, it was obvious that this day was going to be very special.

Nothing makes me happier than a radiant bride and groom.

  • Tom - brilliant work wesley! great location (where?) and I want a plane like that!

  • Wesley Nulens - Thnx Tom,
    The location for the ceremony was a beautiful private residence (Pulderbos).
    And indeed, who needs a Rolls Royce on their wedding day when you can have a Mustang P-51!

  • Moi - Beautiful as always!

  • David Robertson - WOW! Such a gorgeous set of images! absolutely LOVE your style!

  • Patrick - Now thats a prob :)
    Amazing photography!

  • Joanne - Your year certainly has been filled with a whole lot of beauty and you have frozen it all so perfectly. Great work