Vicky & Mattias {wedding}

The minute Vicky and Mattias walked into my studio I knew this was going to be a very special wedding.
Her dress, his suit, the ceremony , their party… All of them so very unique.

Dress : Keurslijf
Venue: Hungaria
City: Leuven

  • Nicolas Mersie - Prachtig werk en toch altijd weer even uniek.
    Dat moet een fantastisch gevoel zijn voor het koppel.

  • els vanopstal - Heel mooie reeks! Vooral het silhouet van het aankleden en de ‘knuffelfoto’ op het dak blijven in mijn geheugen hangen. Knap werk.

  • Dave - The last one, classic!

  • Lachlan Burrell - splendid stuff Wesley! true documentary photography. you’ve captured it!!

  • fer juaristi - crazy powerful frames.

  • Hilde Eyckmans - amai tonnen eigenheid en persoonlijkheid en dat vastgelegd met jouw kijk op de dingen, mijn idee van a special day :-)

  • Diana - Beautiful work! So fresh and spontaneous. And yet so artful.

  • Quim - No words…

Anka & Maarten {engagement}

A pilot, a flight attendant and the USAF Thunderbirds.
For me, a guy who always wanted to be a pilot, it was a good day…

Special thanks to the Belgian air force, and in particular, the Koksijde airbase for making this shoot possible.

  • Ramon Snellink - Geweldige serie Wes! De foto met de 4 vliegtuigen in de lucht is echt geniaal :)

  • Wesley Nulens - Bedankt R, Ik kreeg al heel wat opmerkingen op deze foto, de meeste complimentjes werden snel gevolgd met ‘mooi gephotoshopped’ maar voor alle duidelijkheid, de vliegtuigjes in deze foto zijn 100% echt!
    En we hadden een paar 1000 getuigen… ;)

  • Jordy was here - Great set. The vertical one is insane.

  • Gert - Nice job! Je weet perfect hoe je schoonheid moet weergeven!

  • Vraag aan de spotters (airshow koksijde) - Belgiumdigital forum - Digitale fotografie - […] waren kan het bijna niet anders. Zat er toevallig geen BD-spotter bij? Ter info de reportage :…en-engagement/ Alvast bedankt voor de moeite. __________________ Website | Blog | Flickr | […]

  • Nick - Amazing, really no other words…

  • Hilde Eyckmans - onvergetelijk Wesley!

  • Sophia - Amazing, is this a styled shoot with models or a ‘real’ E-session?

  • Wesley Nulens - Hi Sophia,
    This was a real engagement session. Anka & Maarten married a couple of weeks ago, their wedding will be published later this year.

La Hulpe Wedding photographer // Samuel and Michelle

A couple of months ago Samuel and Michelle asked me to be their wedding photographer. They and their families came all the way from England to get married in the beautiful Château de la Hulpe. My day started with Sam and Phil, his best man, at the ‘Dolce La Hulpe’ hotel.


  • Carolina Sainz - Beautiful work Wes!!! I’m definitely a fan of yours!

  • Jordy - Nice work bro!

Interview “Tales on film”

Filip from asked me some questions, you can read the entire interview below.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words? (short bio, links to your blog/site/flickr/…)

First, let me thank you for having me on your website. Blogs like these keep film alive and I’m very grateful for that!

Let’s see… I’m a 32 year old guy who lives in Hasselt (Belgium) together with the sweetest girl in the world, Sara ( you can see us here : :) ). One day we would like to get a dog. I’m a bread lover, so if you would like to invite me over for dinner all I need is a fine piece of bread and a bowl of M&M’s for dessert :) I’m blessed to be one of those people who love what they do and do what they love: photographing people. Most of the time digital but last winter I started shooting film again.

My passion for photography started when I first picked up my dad’s 35 mm rangefinder camera at the age of seven. I can still visualize that first picture I took of him making my breakfast: he was wearing a blue striped sweater and he was pouring milk over my cereal. The feeling that came over me when he showed me the print was overwhelming, I was so proud.

Most of the time I was playing with an empty camera because photographing was really expensive those days. But one day, at the age of 10, I couldn’t help myself and shot an entire roll of film, took my bike and brought it to the local photo guy for developing and double printing :). My dad went crazy but it was worth it…

Its crazy but in 1990 I paid almost 500 Belgian franks ( ±12.5 euro/17 dollar) to develop & print a roll of film. We are more than 20 years later and it doesn’t cost me a penny more.

Website :
Blog :
Twitter :

– Why do you like shooting film?

1. First of all, it changes the way I think and act. When shooting film I’m always thinking about the current frame, not the next and certainly not the previous. If I don’t feel it then I will not shoot it.
2. Shooting film is exciting and at the same time really easy, especially since I’m working with a great lab. I shoot, they develop/ scan and then I download the scans from their FTP – and I’m done! The quality of their work is amazing.
3. And it probably has been said one thousand times before, film gives you that unique feel and the details are ridiculous.
4. I love the depth of the bigger formats.

Do you have a favorite camera and/or film

The Contax 645 in combination with the 80 f2 is my favorite working tool. It’s a modern medium format camera that feels like a slightly overgrown SLR, it slows me down but not to much. A couple of weeks ago I did my first wedding 100% on film and because of the contax it felt really natural.
And as I said before, I truly love the medium format, probably THE reason why I’m shooting film. The bigger negative (6×4.5cm) gives you an amazing overall quality, less depth of field and less distortion at the same viewing angles as 35mm. And the Zeiss 80 f2? Probably the best standard lenses I ever worked with. Contrast, color, sharpness & bokeh are out of this world.
For me color film is the way to go, I use both the fuji Pro400H and the Portra 400. I think that they are very much alike, the main difference for me shooting it is that I rate the fuji at ISO100 and the Portra at 400 . I switch to Ilford Delta 3200 for the night and evening shots. When I’m shooting 35mm for my personal use I love te look of Portra 400NC.

– What is your best analogue photo till now and a little explanation about it?

I always try to follow a few simple rules when I’m photographing people. First and foremost I’ll try to establish a connection with the subject, a connection that the viewer hopefully can feel when he looks at the final print. I’m mainly shooting weddings these day and because of the high pace of these kind of events rule number 1 sometimes gets neglected. This one is from a “trash the dress session” I did earlier this year with Brigitta. Same bride, same dress but no limiting timetable, location restrictions, tired bride… Although the weather was terrible and the water was freezing cold she managed to be very relaxed and open. I like it because its an honest portrait of a beautiful lady whose life is filled with joy. A couple of weeks later I learned that she was 10 weeks pregnant at the moment of the shoot.

Contax 645 & 80mm f2 shot on fuji pro400h

– What’s your vision on the future of film photography?

My first thought was “Hard to say, it can go either way”. But this morning I received 2 mails from professional photographers asking me for some tips about shooting film, they are finally going to give it a try. These conversations are making me very optimistic about the future. There are two things that I would like to happen:

1. It would be really cool if people at home started using their 35mm film camera again for their ‘happy family’ pictures. They would be much happier with the result and they would have something tangible in their hands. Now they have thousand of crappy , grey and muddy pictures sitting on their computer where no one else can see them. Shoot 3-4 rolls of film in one year (144 exposures!) and you are telling a real story, your story.
2. In Belgium we have a couple of great labs for printing but none of them wants to develop & scan on a higher level because they aren’t getting enough rolls in. If only one could specialize that would be great for local photographers.