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Pieter | Portrait

Something different but I love the result, I need to do this ‘personal work’ thing more often…

Tech note : 100% film, portra 400 on the Contax 645. HEAVY overcast day but some unicorn dust from Jonathan Canlas’ FIND lab did wonders, thnx guys!

  • Hilde Eyckmans - nice…ook de foto’s ;-)

  • kim vdw - Nice pics (as usual). Been a while. Effectively, I think you have to do this personal work more often, & you need to hang some of it in the living room!

    Art is life, when you are an artist!

    Sincerely greetings.

  • Graciella - So beautiful, again!

  • Sara - Hottie!!

Hermine & Ramon | engagement

More Mon & Mine love…

Their blog : http://www.monetmine.nl/blog/

Tech : Shot Digital and processed with Lightroom 4 and VSCO FILM only.

  • Femke - Zo mooi & dreamy! Very well done, Wes! :)

  • Jordy - Triple Hi 5! Great job Wes:)

  • Christophe - Yeah Wes!!!

  • Silke - Net een sprookje, zo mooi!

  • Carina - Very nice!

  • Moniek - Really love these photos of this sweet couple!

  • SARA - Ohhh Wesley Nulens, jouw werk is prachtig. Blijf er maar naar kijken…..

  • Sina Mirisola - Zeer mooi Wesje

  • liesbeth dubelaar visagie - Top zeg…mooi stelletje hoor…! Lekker genieten!!

  • fer juaristi - beautiful session my friend, cheers from MX

  • David Jenkins - So clean. Really dig your style Wesley.

  • Hilde Eyckmans - Good job Wesley!

  • norbert maes - Jullie ontmoeten was inspiratievol. Geniet straks van jullie bijzondere dag maar nog veel meer van jullie samenzijn.
    Norbert MAes

Sara { personal }

While I do obviously love to shoot for my clients one of my 2010 goals is to shoot more personal stuff.
For the memories, for my pleasure and to become a better photographer. These were shot last winter, on a magical sheet of plastic, called film.

  • Jef Janssens - Film geeft toch nog dat tikkeltje extra! Mooie sfeerbeelden!

  • gert - good job Wes!

  • Brit - I really like the ‘natural feel’ of these images.

  • Saskia - Ah mooi! Zowel de foto’s als de quote die alles nog sprekender maakt!